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Published: January 26, 2020

The 'China' Wuhan Corona Virus: How to Stay Safe.

The Wuhan Corona Virus has spread not only all over mainland China, but also outside that country with few cases showing up in the US, Japan, Taiwan, S.Korea, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Its spread in China has been through droplets, so as people cough or other respiratory secretions that emanate from them can cause infections to people near them.

Graphic: Reported Cases and Deaths in China and other countries

In China, the first analysis of 41 coronavirus patients who were admitted to the hospital in Wuhan. Among those early and serious cases, nearly all -- 98% -- had a fever. Roughly three-quarters of patients also had a cough. About half had fatigue and shortness of breath. The incubation period for the new virus may be as long as 2 weeks

The risk of its spread to Kenya is low with no reported cases in Africa. However, people may be frightened. Panic may rise in the coming days and to be safe here are a few measures you should take to be safe.

Simple measures to protect you from the Corona Virus or any other virus for that matter.

Measures include;

  • Frequent hand washing.
  • If you are in a social situation, perhaps you shake hands or dine, do not touch your face or eyes, no matter how much something itches. Keep your hands away from contact with your face.
  • Inside your household, remove dirty towels from your bathrooms and kitchen. Replace them with clean towels. Wash all towels twice a week and dry preferably in the sun. Damp towels provide terrific homes for viruses, like common colds, flus, and, yes, coronaviruses
  • When the weather allows, open your windows at home or work, letting your space air out. The virus cannot linger in a well-ventilated space. But of course, if it is cold or the weather is inclement, keep warm and close those windows.

This measures will go a long way toward preventing the spread of any nasty viral infections.

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