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Published: December 24, 2019

Strides toward better health: The Success Story of Purity Tikile Kiok


In August this year, Ms.Purity Tikile Kiok had just completed her 4th year exams in BSc. Human Resource Management at Kiriri Women University, Nrb. She had been experiencing back pain, night sweats and general body weakness for some time then, but sticked through to her final paper despite the discomfort. Her parents Mr. and Mrs. Kiok were eager. She was set to graduate in December 2019.


Purity is all smiles here 🙂

While at home in Narok with her parents, her condition suddenly deteriorated to the extent of partial paralysis of both legs ( progressive paraparesis) such that she could not walk nor move about without great difficulty. Her parents Mr. & Mrs. Kiok together with Purity’s brother, upon unsuccessful treatment at their local hospital, saw it wise to rush her to Tophill Hospital-Brain and Spine Centre, Eldoret for emergency and specialized treatment.

Upon arrival she was clinically diagnosed with Gibbus deformity. Quick intervention was needed to stop the degenerative process. She was recommended for spinal surgery. Exceptional technology and Extraordinary care at our hospital, ensured that her treatment was successful and smooth. Her quick road to recovery had began.


Gibbus deformity is a form of structural kyphosis typically found in the upper lumbar and lower thoracic vertebrae, where one or more adjacent vertebrae become wedged. Gibbus deformity most often develops in young children as a result of spinal tuberculosis and is the result of collapse of vertebral bodies.

Today Purity is one happy lady! Hope had faded in her, but now she is anticipatory. Anticipatory to be graduating next year-graduating class of 2020. She is appreciably determined, to be dancing and jumping on that fateful day of her graduation.

Purity-We wish you the best of luck, in all of your future endeavorsyou will be great!





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