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Published: February 26, 2020

Spiritual Nourishment: An Important Pillar on the Path to Recovery | Ash Wednesday




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In line with our motto Extraordinary care: Tophill recognizes and affirms, other than physical treatment and rehabilitation, that emotional support and spiritual nourishment are just as important pillars in the quick recovery of a patient.


I.C.U patient and his wife giving thanks for the spiritual nourishment!

Today, on Ash Wednesday Tophill invited our catholic sisters and bishop to pray and preach to our patients. renewing and rejuvenating their spirit!


Bishop prays for recovering patients.


Bishop(Centre) and Sister inset, undoubtedly and effortlessly made patient's day better, renewed their hope and spirit.



One comment on “Spiritual Nourishment: An Important Pillar on the Path to Recovery | Ash Wednesday”

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