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Published: February 9, 2020

Chief Inspector William Sifuna drops by to support a fellow church member.

Chief Inspector William Sifuna, dropped by yesterday, reassuring & supporting a fellow church member's mother, who is undergoing treatment at Tophill Hospital.

Sifuna who is a police by profession is also a trained counselor and an accredited mediator by the High Court. He preaches at Elshadai Restoration Ministries church in Maralal, Samburu County where he is stationed and sometimes coined as the 'Police boss armed with the Bible'

Inset: Tophill C.E.O Dr. F.Koech (second left) alongside Chief Inspector William Sifuna (third left). General Manager Mr. D.Chebii (far left), and mother's family

. Tophill appreciates that Loving and caring attention to a patient by family and friends provides an important role in his/her well being and speedy recovery.

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