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Published: February 16, 2020

Accurate and Timely: The Keys to Emily Chelangat's Successful Brain Tumor Diagnosis & Surgery


In mid 2011, Emily Chelangat started to complain of eye issues manifested through eye sensitivity to light, squinting and blurred vision. Come 2012, she resolves to see a doctor for treatment. Her first visit being to an eye clinic at her hometown's Referral Hospital. There, she was given eye prescription glasses and allergy medication after the doctor deducted her symptoms to be due to allergies.

She followed her doctor's advice for 2 years. However, her vision and symptoms were getting worse. This obliged her to seek further treatment at a specialized eye clinic of PCEA Kikuyu Hospital Eye Unit, where 8 rigorous step by step eye tests revealed a dark lesion at the retina of her left eye though inconclusive.

In March 2015, she presented to Tophill Hospital's Chief Neurosurgeon Dr. F.Koech with headaches and Hemianopsia. MRI done revealed a Brain tumour. Dr.F.Koech conscientiously explained to Emily the findings from the MRI and surgical procedure that was to be done. She underwent a complicated brain surgery in April 2015 that successfully removed the tumour and had subsequent surgery for hydrocephalus in June 2015.

Today Emily is back at work, able to provide for her family. She is a story of hope in her community as she continues to work and help build the nation. In 2018, despite the anxiety of what she had been through, she delivered a baby without any complications!


Inset Emily Chelangat

Emily Chelangat says that she is gratefully indebted to Dr.F.Koech for being able to treat her; "he has helped me a lot!" She goes on to say, that even after presenting with complications post surgery he stepped in and helped her get treatment and back on her feet with periodical follow ups. "When you have a problem, he listens! and he listens keenly!" she said heartily...



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