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Published: December 9, 2019

8th Dec 2019: Tophill Family FunDay

The Tophill Family Fun Day that was geared towards celebrating and emphasizing extraordinary patient care was filled with fun and laughter. Every staff, their families and friends had an amazing time. It was a fantastic time for Tophill staff to bond with fellow staff, their families and friends.

Staff now feels relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired for the new week ahead…!

Inset: Director Dr. Myra Koech 2nd from left, joyous as she was awarded by staff for her commited and great leadership
Director Dr. C. Koech comically bows down to receive a hat as appreciation from staff for his enthusiastic and active leadership.
Management team egg run winners being given prizes!
Top 3 100 meters dash winners; John, Dr. Mayaka and Hillary being awarded
Star jumps in preparations for the day's events.
Team green awarded on their victory

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