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Published: November 24, 2019

22ND November: Patients' Day

This was our maiden event of many, geared towards acknowledging and appreciating our patients.

We appreciate all the staff and team, for it is each of them that made this day a great success!!

Betsy, Patricia and Deborah in high spirits just as the event was about to begin.
A smile from our recovering patient as Rev. Mbithi together with Anita and Patricia hand her a gift bag and a pink rose flower. What a Joy!
Our Patient's Day gave an opportunity to patient's, caretakers and relatives to ask questions and discuss their concerns with doctors and to meet other patients in a similar situation to them in a relaxed, comfortable environment.
One of our client is ecstatic upon being aware of the event. But I'm not sure if he is still in denial, because you only get one piece of each item, and not the whole serving plate!

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